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To further the development of cancer treatments for improving quality of life of patients and to extend longevity
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Oncology Pharma, Inc. is a pioneering oncology company dedicated to licensing, developing, manufacturing and commercializing therapeutics.  The company has assembled a team of executives and advisors with proven multi-disciplinary expertise in the field of oncology, therapeutics and leadership to identify, negotiate and amalgamate “best in class” research, technologies, therapeutics and delivery mechanisms that are synergistic and collaborative. The goal is to create value, reduce costs and increase the speed of regulatory approval and commercialization of effective and safer cancer drugs. 

Oncology Pharma signed a letter of intent, which includes a world-wide license and co-development agreement, to collaborate with Kalos Therapeutics, for its lead anti-cancer bio-pharmaceutical (a peptide) medication, KTH-222.  Kalos’ platform of peptide-based therapeutic drugs have internationally issued patents (EP 2 224 946 B1), along with a number of international patents pending.

According to Kalos, KTH-222 regulates cell growth via the inhibition of the Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK).  KTH-222 works on a wide spectrum of cancers, including metastatic cancers with minimal adverse effects.  Furthermore, KTH-222 has a great potential in reducing ascites and edema that may result in pain or fatality. 

Historically, cancer was often treated using a single drug and over the last few years cancer is often treated using a combination of drugs for an improved outcome or higher treatment success.  


Oncology Pharma entered into a Letter of Intent with NanoSmart®Pharmaceuticals Inc. for its "novel" drug delivery platform that can target many types of cancer and other diseases. One of the keys to NanoSmart's® platform technology is a “patented”(US 7,799,327 and EU 1706145 B1) human-derived, antinuclear antibody (ANA) that targets areas of necrosis present in solid tumors.  One of the most commonly used anti-cancer drugs, alone and/or in combination with medications, for treating a wide variety of cancers such as breast, ovarian, lung, bladder, Kaposi's sarcoma, lymphoma and acute lymphocytic leukemia is doxorubicin. 


Doxorubicin is “encapsulated” within a lipid nanoparticle and then coated with NanoSmart’s ANA.  The "reformulated" drug, doxorubicin, is administered intravenously, traveling in the blood to the tumor site(s).  Encapsulating the cancer drug in the nanoparticle helps protect normal, healthy tissues and organs from adverse side effects, while the ANA delivers the loaded nanoparticle directly to necrotic tissue at the tumor site(s).  Once anchored there, the nanoparticle slowly releases the cancer drug with an optimal efficacy and minimum adverse effects. The results are thus higher anti-tumor efficacy and safer drug delivery. 


Therapeutic dosing can be optimized, and adverse side effects can be further minimized using pharmacogenetics combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning.  


In addition, Oncology Pharma has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire a 50% stake in Diagnomics Inc., a “cutting-edge”molecular diagnostic company in precision medicine.  Diagnomics is a CLIA and a CAP accredited laboratory in San Diego, CA.  The company provides CLIA services to global pharmaceutical companies, including academic and biotech companies.  Diagnomics' pharmacogenetics combined with artificial intelligence is a "game changer" in precision medicine, drug development, clinical trials, lowering of cost and time of clinical trials, faster regulatory approval process and faster availability of drugs to the patients.  Included in the acquisition is Diagnomics’ partial minority stake in EONE-Diagnomics Genome Center in Seoul, South Korea.  EONE-Diagnomics was one of the most successful biotech IPOs (2018) on the KOSDAQ exchange.


Lastly, Oncology Pharma signed a Licensing Letter of Intent with Connect2Med for its smartphone App.  The use of mobile devices such as Smartphones and their applications (Apps) has transformed many aspects of life in the modern world from consumer healthcare to clinical practice and limited use in clinical trials. The App is a powerful and useful tool for recruiting, enrolling and supporting patients for clinical trials.



With these established Letters of Intent, Oncology Pharma is poised to help transform the current landscape of oncology treatment to create a faster regulatory process, improve the delivery system of cancer fighting drugs, develop an anti-cancer method with decreased toxicity, while improving technology to be utilized by doctors, researchers and patients.  This diversified strategy is what the world class team of advisors and directors are focusing on developing to help in the fight against cancer.

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