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Investing in products and technologies of the future of oncology and synergistic practice areas

Company Profile

Oncology Pharma Inc. ("ONPH") is a pioneering oncology company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and commercialization of therapeutics. Oncology Pharma  signed a letter of intent (includes a word-wide licence and co-development)  to colloborate with NanoSmart® Pharmaceuticals Inc for its  "novel"  drug delivery vehicle  that can target many types of cancer and other diseases.  One of the keys to NanoSmart's® platform technology is a “patented” (US 7,799,327 and EU 1706145 B1 ), human-derived, antinuclear antibody (ANA) that targets areas of necrosis present in solid tumors. One of the most commonly used anti-cancer drugs (alone and/or in combination with medications) for treating a wide variety of cancers such as breast, ovarian, lung, bladder, Kaposi's sarcoma, lymphoma and acute lymphocytic leukemia is  doxorubicin. A drug such as doxorubicin is “encapsulated”  within a lipid nanoparticle and then coated with NanoSmart’s ANA. The "reformulated"  drug (doxorubicin)  is administered intravenously, traveling in the blood to the tumor site(s). Encapsulating the cancer drug in the nanoparticle helps protect normal, healthy tissues and organs from adverse side effects, while the ANA delivers the loaded nanoparticle directly to necrotic tissue at the tumor site(s). Once anchored there, the nanoparticle slowly releases the cancer drug with an optimal  efficacy and  minimum adverse effects. The results are thus higher anti-tumor efficacy and safer drug delivery. Therapeutic dosing can be optimized and adverse side effects can be further minimized using precision medicine (pharmacogenetics) combined with bioinformatics.
NanoSmart's® drug delivery platform can be combined synergistically with current therapies or medications, including the Tulynode's patent pending Autologous Immuno-therapy for durable therapy response using an extracorporeal device licensed by Oncology Pharma. 
In addition to the NanoSmart's targeted drug-delivery licence,  Oncology Pharma licensed Tulynode's "patent pending" Autologous Cellular Immuno-therapy extracorporeal device  for a durable therapy response  that can be combined synergistically with current therapies or medications such as chemos and check point inhibitors. 
Oncology Pharma prides itself for having a world-class Advisory Board that keeps the Company leadership in the forefront of developing technologies in cancer research and commercialization for  human and veterinary oncology.
Oncology Pharma is committed to its core corporate mission and values of highest U.S. Pharma Code of Conduct standards of behavior for being in compliance with the laws, regulations, company directives and guidance.
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